Boost Your Home’s Appeal And Value With a Splendid Render

Walk down any suburb street and you will come across a wide variety of houses. Some houses, stripped down to their bricks, look just ok. On the other hand, there are some houses that are so good-looking with a professional rendered finish that you can’t help but want to copy their style. Well, that’s exactly what you can make a buyer think about your house.

A rendered and well-maintained house not only becomes a beautiful home, but also a strong selling point when the house is placed on the market. Why is rendering such a big deal for home buyers? Let’s find out.

Rendering Makes It Aesthetically Pleasing

This is the most important reason for homeowners to start a rendering project. Irrespective of how old or ragged the house looks, rendering can make it look elegant and attractive in no time. The type of render a homeowner chooses depends on their personal taste and budget. Need an affordable render? Go for cement. If the budget is not a problem, then go for a crack-resistant acrylic rendering. It is resistant to extreme temperate variances. Each render has its own benefits that suit different houses and climates. For internal walls, white set plaster finish works best.

Keeps the Dampness Out

Another big reason why homeowners choose to render their home is to keep their house safe from dampness. In geographies that experience extreme humidity or heavy rains, it is not uncommon for moisture to penetrate through the walls. It not only affects the appearance of the house, but actually impacts the structural integrity of the house. Rendering is your pre-emptive move to protect your home from dampness-induced structural damage.

A professional rendering job successfully keeps the dampness out and protects the homes from any water damage. Imagine the amount of money you save!

Better Thermal Insulation

Rendering is an additional layer of insulation on the walls of the house. A home rendered by a professional will not only keep the home safe from the damaging effects of the weather elements, but also keep it better insulated from temperature variations outside.

While working out the cost of a rendering project, homeowners should definitely consider the savings in utility bills.

Is Rendering Worth The Effort And Investment?

Most definitely.

But, since it works as a protective cover, it is important that a rendering job is executed flawlessly. Quality is key and that can only be assured by a professional. Consider a service provider like Rentex. We have been in the business of rendering for decades and are the preferred rendering service in Adelaide. We have a long list of satisfied customers that we have built over the years of quality service. Irrespective of the condition of your house or the size of your budget, we can help you out in making your home envy-worthy.

We speak from experience

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Here is an example of before and after photos work we recently completed. For more examples of our work click here.

Before                                                                                                 After

house rendering adelaide                               house rendering adelaide

Before                                                                                                After

rendering cost adelaide                                                 rendering cost adelaide